The Fan Film Menace

This is a more or less static site these days, no longer being updated. But, seeing as I got to where I am today (God help me) because of fan films, I couldn't bear to delete the page.

I firmly believe that the Internet is the future of independent film production and distribution, and that fan filmmaking is a perfect way for young moviemakers to learn about the craft. And I believe that fan films are a wonderful thing in general.

This site is not a site for hosting fan films or promoting them. Nor is it a forum. It is a place for my take on Star Wars (and other) fan films and the community that sprung up around them. The culture. The conventions. The clichés. The forests with Sith Lords in them.

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Star Wars © Lucasfilm Ltd. All other properties of which fan films discussed on this site are derivative of are copyright of their respective owners. The fan films discussed on this site are not mine (with one or two exceptions) and are the property of their respective creators.