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review written 2/23/2003

When was the last time you actually saw a Crazy Eddie's ad on TV? Truth is, it doesn't matter. Z-Team Productions has a gift for making the specific accessible to the general. A joke is made about a show called "Captain Power", which I'd never heard of, and I cracked a smile.

Watto, well-voiced by Sandy Clark, is introduced after a smoothly edited wham-bang opener. He tries to peddle you his wares with some clever nods to SW history. The X-wing joke—hey, Luke DID leave it behind—is sublime in its subtlety.

And hey, where else are you going to see a movie that takes place in the driveway of the guy who invented Men in Black?

Crazy Watto's charm is that you—yes, you—could have made the exact same movie. All it took was toys and a guy to hold a puppet. But Z-Team put it together better than the average group did.

It's not great by any standards. A chuckle or two results, and for such a short film, that's all you need.