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This site was founded on June 11, 1999 upon the author (a high school sophomore at the time) noting that there were was an awful lot of hand removal in the Star Wars trilogy. It was stashed on a free Tripod account, and there it remained, amassing media coverage and over 100,000 visitors, until a revamp and re-opening on October 8, 2005.

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E! Online
Maxim (Web confirmed, print unknown)
USA Today (Web confirmed, print unknown)
93.3 Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex Area
Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune (Web confirmed, print unknown)
Cinema magazine (Czech Republic)
Northwestern Chronicle
Radio 2BL Sydney
Chicago Sun-Times
Daytona Beach Journal-News (Web only)
Die Macht mit uns (German book)
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Adam Bertocci is a radio-television-film alumnus at Northwestern University and a die-hard Star Wars fanatic. He can still recall his first viewing of the epic at the age of eight. He can also recall seeing it on the big screen in 1997, whereupon he was inspired to be a filmmaker.
His other Star Wars fan works include the award-winning fan film Run Leia Run, a Lola rennt crossover starring Will Butler of Arcade Fire, and the award-winning short Brooklyn Force, bringing the galaxy far, far away to the streets of New York.

He moderates the Jedi Council Forums at TheForce.Net, wrote for SWFans.Net before its untimely demise, and has voice-acted or otherwise contributed material to a number of fan film and audio productions, most notably an uncredited hologram cameo in Revelations and effects work for Return of Pink Five, Vol. 3.
When not ripping off more talented filmmakers, in his clearly copious spare time he is an award-winning screenwriter and filmmaker operating under the banner of Guy in his Basement Productions. He is also a published author, somehow—buy a copy of Two Gentlemen of Lebowski today, or something, I guess. He also runs Moviemaking Merch, a brand of t-shirts and gifts for filmmakers.
His favorite Star Wars character is Salacious Crumb.

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